General Council 2021 Agenda


Good day to all tribal members. Attached is the tentative agenda for this Saturdays General Council Meeting. I wanted to share some information as well to make the meeting as enjoyable and effective as possible.

  • Feel free to bring a lawn chair if you like
  • Refreshments will be available but you are free to bring your own as well
  • Lunch is also being provided (Courtesy of our Title VI Director)
  • If you are going to present at the council, please have it written down to hand to the secretary to make sure it is accurately recorded for the meeting. Cards will be provided at the document table
  • The Nation Programs will have information booths setup for you to stop by and answer any questions you may have
  • The Casino, Tobacco and Finley & Cook will also have booths setup to answer any questions
  • The enrollment officer will be onsite to provide new tribal ID cards
  • With standardizing on Robert’s Rules of Order the Business Committee has also requested a parliamentarian be onsite to provide guidance as needed
  • Door prizes will also be drawn throughout the meeting