Calvin Cassady attends Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration at UCO

Indigenous Peoples Day      Indigenous Peoples Day

On Wednesday, Oct. 5th, in celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day, UCO welcomed leaders of Oklahoma’s Native American Nations to campus for “A Gathering of Nations,” a ceremony and banquet honoring Native Americans’ wide-ranging achievements and valuable contributions to Oklahoma’s civic, cultural and economic vitality.

UCO President Don Betz highlights the importance of recognizing Native American culture on the UCO campus.

“Central is proud to have a long history of celebrating Native American culture and studying the history of indigenous people through university courses, programs and events,” Betz said.

“We are also committed to providing a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment for all members of our community. Central’s move to observe Indigenous Peoples Day paves the way for a deeper awareness, consciousness and respect for Native American members of UCO’s student body, faculty and staff.”

Assistant Vice President for Global and Cultural Competency and chair of the Indigenous Peoples Day committee J. David Macey, Ph.D., hopes that the event will be the first of many for the future.

“It is my hope that this commemoration of Indigenous Peoples Day at UCO will be the catalyst for a wide range of new programs and initiatives to engage with and to serve Oklahoma’s Native American Nations,” Macey said.

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Calvin Cassady attends Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration at UCO
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