Summer Youth “NYA-WEH” Project Update

Splitlog Charles M. & Edna J. 4Summer Youth “NYA-WEH” Project Update

Our Summer Youth Project workers have been working hard to beautify our cemetery.  We have been using a biological, eco-friendly solution to remove years of lichen and dirt build up.

We have also leveled, realigned, and repaired the loose and broken stones.  During this ongoing process I have tried to use opportunity to educate our youth on whose stones they are working on.

It was important to me to make this fun and an educational work environment giving little bits of history about who we come from and how they shaped our grounds and preserved our way of life.

This is an ongoing project, so there will be more before and after pictures to come.

Before                                         After

John Logan 1     John Logan 2

Leah Tarrant working on her Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Logan’s headstone.

Before                                      After

Joseph Basset 1     Joseph Basset 2

The ceremonial grounds we know today were at one time the allotment of Joseph Basset.

Before                                                                   After

Mary & Earnest WhiteTree 1  Mary & Earnest WhiteTree 3

The headstone of Mary and Earnest Whitetree.

Kate Bee                                            Start                                           Working

Kate Bee          Kate Bee 1        Kate Bee 2

Working                                   Finish

Kate Bee 3       Kate Bee 4

Kate Bee was once our Head Pot Hanger as well as the wife of Joseph Basset.  Sarah Johnson and Kassidy WhiteEagle working hard to clean up her headstone.

Summer Youth

Summer Youth Project “group” picture.

Before                                      After

Whitecrow Jacob 1       Whitecrow Jacob 2

Jacob Whitecrow 1812-1876

Splitlog Charles M. & Edna J. 4   Splitlog Childern 1   Splitlog Childern 3

Cheyenne Greenup and Leah Tarrant restoring Splitlog children’s headstones.

Working Hard1     Working Hard2

Summer Youth Workers working hard to uncover history.