Business Committee

Charles Diebold

Charles Diebold


Phone: 918-787-5452 Ext. 6014

Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Curt Lawrence

Curt Lawrence

2nd Chief

918-787-5452 Ext. 6013

Photo of Kim Guyett

Kim Guyett



Photo of Cynthia Donohue

Cynthia Donohue Bauer

1st Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6018

Photo of Amy Nuckolls

Amy Nuckolls

2nd Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6015

Photo of Hoyit Bacon

Hoyit Bacon

3rd Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6017

Photo of Tonya Blackfox

Tonya Blackfox

4th Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6016

Grievance Committee

Photo of Ryan Birdsong

Ryan Birdsong



Photo of Rebecca Cassady-Depriest

Rebecca Cassady-Depriest



Photo of Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis



Photo of Christopher Terry

Christopher Terry


Phone: 918-787-5452

Election Committee

Photo of Maxine Bradbury

Maxine Brafford


Phone: 918-787-5452

Photo of Cynthia Rios

Cynthia Rios


Phone: 918-787-5452

Stephen Bunch

First Committee Member

Phone: 918-787-5452

JR Matthews

Second Committee Member

Phone: 918-787-5452

Raylene Hackler

Vice Chairperson

Phone: 918-787-5452

Nations Operations

Photo of Dennis Sisco

Dennis Sisco

Executive Director

Phone: 918-791-6023

Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Joanna Hadley

Joanna Hadley

Deputy Director

Phone: 918-791-6058

Fax: 918-787-9440

Benefits Department

Photo of Carol Brown

Carol Brown

Education and Benefits Manager

Phone: 918-791-6036

Photo of Haley Randell

Haley Randall

Education Clerk

Phone: 918-791-6041

Photo of Denisha Gonzalez

Denisha Gonzalez

Benefits Clerk

Phone: 918-791-6015

Photo of Michael Landrum

Michael Landrum

Benefits Clerk

Phone: 918-791-6025

Department of Public Safety

Photo of Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold

Seneca-Cayuga Nation Department of Public Safety Director

Phone: 918-787-9272

Fax: 918-786-4717

Gaming Commission Office

Photo of Danielle Brashear

Danielle Brashear

Gaming Commissioner

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Dennis Armstrong

Dennis Armstrong

Surveillance Manager

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Rene Zaun

Rene Zaun


Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Roger Nagl

Roger Nagl

Licensing Agent

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Colleen Hollis

Colleen Hollis

Lead Investigator

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Grand Lake Casino

Photo of Nick Birdsong

Nick Birdsong

General Manager

Phone: 918-786-8528

Fax: 918-787-6415

Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company

Photo of Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison

General Manager

Phone: 918-787-7711

Photo of Heather Enyart

Heather Enyart


Phone: 918-787-7711

Accounting Department

Photo of April Gonzalez

April Gonzalez

Procurement Officer

Phone: 918-791-6031

Fax: 918-787-9440

Amy Archer

Amy Archer

Staff Accountant

Phone: 918-791-6039

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Jean Yankowski

Jean Yankowski

ARPA Accountant

Phone: 918-791-6030

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Shanna Daniels

Shanna Daniels

Director of Finance

Phone: 918-791-6020

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Christie Douglas

Christie Douglas

Staff Accountant

Phone: 918-791-6034

Fax: 918-787-9440

Child Care Development Fund Program

Photo of Niki Logan

Niki Logan

CCDF Program Director

Phone: 918-791-6055

Cell: 918-314-2226

Fax: 918-517-3520

Photo of Emily Shield

Emily Shield

CCDF Assistant


Cultural/Historic Preservation Program

Photo of William Tarrant

William Tarrant

Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO)
Director, Cultural/Historic Preservation
NAGPRA Representative

23701 S. 655 RD.
Grove, OK 74344

918-787-5452 Ext. 6061

Environmental Department


Justin Jackson

Water Quality Technician



Casey LeadingFox

Environmental Specialist


Luci McCloud

Environmental Specialist

Housing Program

Photo of Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris

Housing Administrator

Phone: 918-791-6060

Photo of Hallen Armstrong

Jeanna Logan

Housing Program Assistant

Phone: 918-791-6038

Human Resource Department & Education Department

Photo of Christy Lewis

Christy Lewis

Human Resource Manager

Phone: 918-791-6037

Indian Child Welfare Program

Photo of Kimberly Phillips


ICW Director

Phone: 918-791-6054

Fax: 918-516-0248

Photo of Brittany Green

Brittany Green

ICW Assistant


Tax Commission

Nicole Reece

Tag Agent

Phone: 918-791-6028

Fax: 918-517-3586

Information Technology (IT)


Network Technician

Phone: 918-791-6024

Fax: 918-787-5521

Sex Offender Registration Notification Act


SORNA/BIA Police Officer

Phone: 918-791-6049

Fax: 918-517-3541


Substance Abuse Program

Photo of Korma Dorko

Korma Dorko

Substance Abuse Director

Phone: 918-791-6046

Fax: 918-786-9066


Jimmy Murray

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 918-787-6800

Fax: 918-786-9066

Enrollment Department

Photo of Anita Bearpaw

Anita Bearpaw

Enrollment Officer

Phone: 918-791-6027

Fax: 918-517-3586

Title VI-A Elder Nutrition Program

Jane WhiteEagle

Phone: 918-791-6052

Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Rob Gibson

Rob Gibson



Fax: 918-787-5521

Violence Prevention and Victim Services Program

Photo of Wendy Nichols

Wendy Nichols

Violence Prevention and Victims Services Program Director


Fax: 918-787-5521


Janet Backwater

Victim Services Advocate


CHR/Caregiver/Wellness Center

Grant Writer

Photo of Aaron Epperson

Aaron Epperson

COVID-19 Grant Coordinator

Phone: 918-791-6026

Fax: 918-787-5521