Business Committee

Charles Diebold

Charles Diebold


Phone: 918-787-5452 Ext. 6014

Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Curt Lawrence

Curt Lawrence

2nd Chief

918-787-5452 Ext. 6013

Photo of Kim Guyett

Kim Guyett



Photo of Cynthia Donohue

Cynthia Donohue Bauer

1st Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6018

Photo of Amy Nuckolls

Amy Nuckolls

2nd Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6015

Photo of Hoyit Bacon

Hoyit Bacon

3rd Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6017

Photo of Tonya Blackfox

Tonya Blackfox

4th Councilperson

918-787-5452 Ext. 6016

Grievance Committee

Photo of Ryan Birdsong

Ryan Birdsong



Photo of Rebecca Cassady-Depriest

Rebecca Cassady-Depriest



Photo of Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis



Photo of Christopher Terry

Christopher Terry


Phone: 123-456-7890

Cell: 123-456-7890

Fax: 123-456-7890

Election Committee

Photo of Sherrie Johnson

Sherrie Johnson


Phone: 918-787-5452

Photo of Maxine Bradbury

Maxine Bradbury

Vice Chairperson

Phone: 918-787-5452

Photo of Cynthia Rios

Cynthia Rios


Phone: 918-787-5452

Photo of Darrel Armstrong

Darrel Armstrong


Phone: 918-787-5452

Nations Operations

Photo of Dennis Sisco

Dennis Sisco

Executive Director

Phone: 918-791-6023

Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Joanna Hadley

Joanna Hadley

Deputy Director

Phone: 918-791-6058

Fax: 918-787-9440

Benefits Department

Photo of Denisha Gonzalez

Denisha Gonzalez

Benefits Clerk

Phone: 918-791-6015

Photo of Michael Landrum

Michael Landrum

Benefits Clerk

Phone: 918-791-6033

Department of Public Safety

Photo of Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold

Seneca-Cayuga Nation Department of Public Safety Director

Phone: 918-787-9272

Fax: 918-786-4717

Gaming Commission Office

Photo of Danielle Brashear

Danielle Brashear

Gaming Commissioner

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Dennis Armstrong

Dennis Armstrong

Surveillance Manager

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Rene Zaun

Rene Zaun


Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Roger Nagl

Roger Nagl

Licensing Agent

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Photo of Colleen Hollis

Colleen Hollis

Lead Investigator

Phone: 918-787-9703

Fax: 918-787-2430

Grand Lake Casino

Photo of Nick Birdsong

Nick Birdsong

General Manager

Phone: 918-786-8528

Fax: 918-787-6415

Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company

Photo of Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison

General Manager

Phone: 918-787-7711

Photo of Heather Enyart

Heather Enyart


Phone: 918-787-7711

Accounting Department

Photo of April Gonzalez

April Gonzalez

Procurement Officer

Phone: 918-791-6031

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Anita Bearpaw

Anita Bearpaw

Staff Accountant

Phone: 918-791-6029

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Jean Yankowski

Jean Yankowski

ARPA Accountant

Phone: 918-791-6030

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Shanna Daniels

Shanna Daniels

Director of Finance

Phone: 918-791-6020

Fax: 918-787-9440

Photo of Christie Douglas

Christie Douglas

Staff Accountant

Phone: 918-791-6034

Fax: 918-787-9440

Child Care Development Fund Program

Photo of Niki Logan

Niki Logan

CCDF Program Director

Phone: 918-791-6055

Cell: 918-314-2226

Fax: 918-517-3520

Photo of Emily Shield

Emily Shield

CCDF Assistant


Cultural/Historic Preservation Program

Photo of William Tarrant

William Tarrant

Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO)
Director, Cultural/Historic Preservation
NAGPRA Representative

23701 S. 655 RD.
Grove, OK 74344

918-787-5452 Ext. 6061

Environmental Department

Photo of Sarah Lundstrum

Sarah Lundstrum

Environmental Director


Photo of Myron Shield

Myron Shield

Environmental Assistant


Housing Program

Photo of Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris

Housing Administrator

Phone: 918-791-6060

Photo of Hallen Armstrong

Hallen Armstrong

Housing Program Assistant

Phone: 918-791-6038

Human Resource Department & Education Department

Photo of Carol Brown

Carol Brown

H/R - Education-Benefits Manager

Phone: 918-791-6036

Photo of Christy Lewis

Christy Lewis

HR/Education Assistant

Phone: 918-791-6037

Photo of Haley Randell

Haley Randell

Education Clerk

Phone: 918-791-6041

Indian Child Welfare Program

Photo of Kimberly Phillips


ICW Director

Phone: 918-791-6054

Fax: 918-516-0248

Photo of Brittany Green

Brittany Green

ICW Assistant


Tax Commission

Photo of Tiffany White

Tiffany White

Tag Agent

Phone: 918-791-6028

Fax: 918-517-3586

Information Technology (IT)

Photo of Wysta Elliott

Wysta Elliott

Network Technician

Phone: 918-791-6024

Fax: 918-787-5521

Sex Offender Registration Notification Act

Photo of Vincent Gonzalez

Vincent Gonzalez

SORNA/BIA Polica Officer

Phone: 918-791-6049

Fax: 918-517-3541

Substance Abuse Program

Photo of Korma Dorko

Korma Dorko

Substance Abuse Director

Phone: 918-791-6046

Fax: 918-786-9066

Photo of Tamara Powell

Tamara Powell

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 918-787-6800

Fax: 918-786-9066

Enrollment Department

Photo of Jessica Hamilton

Jessica Hamilton

Enrollment Officer

Phone: 918-791-6027

Fax: 918-517-3586

Title VI-A Elder Nutrition Program

Photo of Rob Gibson

Rob Gibson



Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Kyle Ollis

Kyle Ollis

Phone: 918-791-6052

Fax: 918-787-5521

Violence Prevention and Victim Services Program

Photo of Wendy Nichols

Wendy Nichols

Violence Prevention and Victims Services Program Director


Fax: 918-787-5521

Photo of Kaytlynn Owens

Kaytlynn Owens

Victim Services Advocate


CHR/Caregiver/Wellness Center

Economic Development

Photo of JR Hurt

Darrell “JR” Hurt

Director of Economic Development

Phone: 918-791-6018

Grant Writer

Photo of Aaron Epperson

Aaron Epperson

COVID-19 Grant Coordinator

Phone: 918-791-6026

Fax: 918-787-5521