Anita Bearpaw

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Anita Bearpaw

Enrollment Officer

Phone: 918-791-6027

Fax: 918-517-3586

Seneca-Cayuga Nation

Street Address

23701 South 655 Road
Grove, Oklahoma 74344

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 453220
Grove, Oklahoma 74345

(918) 791-6027

Fax (918) 517-3586


Mailed in photo's submitted for a tribal ID MUST match passport photo requirements.

What are the photo requirements for a US passport?

Photos must be 2"x2" in size with a background that is uniform, plain and white, and free of shadows and must be in color.


Enrollment Application

Photo Membership Card Application

Change of Address Form

BIA Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

Verification of Indian Preference for Employment

*****Proposed Modifications Regarding “Enrollment” Ordinance

Resolution # 007-060323

Enrollment Ordinance GC Ratified 06.03.2023